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Daechuri Activists March to Seoul

Activists who have made Daechuri and Doduri their homes set out this Monday on a Peace March from Daechuri to Seoul. They are marching to denounce and mourn the destruction of Daechuri and Doduri (see previous post), and to demand an end to the planned base expansion in Pyeongtaek. The activists (Pyeongtaek Jikimis) are holding vigils every night in cities along their way. They are joined at their vigils by other opponents of the Pyeongtaek base expansion to sing, talk to local people about the base expansion, and give out out pea plant seeds from Daechuri gardens. The seeds are a symbol of Daechuri and Doduri as farming communities, and of the hope that Daechuri and Doduri farmers' struggle has inspired.
The activists will arrive in Seoul on Saturday, April 14th, where they will hold a vigil and press conference in front of the Blue House (the president's house).

For more information (in Korean) on participating in the the march call 016-498- 2017.

More photos of the Jikimi activist's peace march from Daechuri to Seoul (in chronological order):

Schedule: Daechuri and  Doduri Jikimi Peace March, April 9-April 15
Vigil every night from 7-8:00 pm.

Day               Departure            Destination              Candlelight vigil location
April 9                Daechuri                Songtan                Seojeong-ri subway station
April 10        Songtan                       Osan                 Osan subway station
April 11        Osan                         Byeongjeom    Byeongjeom station
April 12        Byeongjeom           Suwon            Suwon subway station
April 13        Suwon                      Anyang               Anyang subway station
April 14        Anyang                      Seoul                Blue House press conference/
April 15        Seoul                        Paju

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