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dope   am.12:23, Tuesday ( 2510hit )
March 3 is Daechuri visit day

March 3 is another big day in Daechuri.

Everyone who doesn't want to miss a big action should come to the village on the day.
it's the day of the Jikimis (volutary supporters) and all the jikimis from all over the country gather at the village with food and they will share the food with other people in a potluck style dinner party.
they will also do some direct action for peace.

March 3 is also the Daeboreum day (the fifteenth day of the new year in the lunar calendar) so there'll be lots of korean tradiotional games playing in the village all day.
so it's a good Daechuri visit day.
please circulate this so that more people can come to see the village for themselves before it's too late.
you see, no one will be allowed to the village after April.

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