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1590 Japanese citizens sign petition against base expansion

Petition against base expansion signed by 1590 Japanese citizens will be delivered to White House.

October 8th, 2006

Shinsuke Nakai
Japanese Citizens Against Pyeongtaek Base Expansion
2-15-41 Higashinara
Ibaraki-shi, Osaka-fu
Japan 567-0861

President Bush:

        The farming towns of Daechuri and Doduri will never reap their famous rice harvest again, if the United States military continues with the planned expansion of its Camp Humphreys Army base.  The farming communities has faced forced displacement twice already, first by the Japanese military, and later by American troops in 1952.  The villagers are determined to keep their land and their livelihood at all costs.  

We, the undersigned 1590 Japanese citizens, oppose the expansion of the US military base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. We request the following:

- Please withdraw the expansion plan of Pyeongtaek US base camp, which will raise military concerns over North Korea and China.

- Please request the South Korean Government to withdraw the unjust condemnation of the civilian plots of lands in order to expand the Pyeongtaek military base, and to let local farmers live and work on their own farmland as they did before.

- Please request the South Korean Government to release the forceful occupation of the villages of Daechuri and Doduri in Pyeongtaek.

- Please request the South Korean Government to stop monitoring with CCTV cameras and inspecting the gates of villages in Daechuri and Doduri since this monitoring is an abuse of Korea's right to privacy.  

- Please request the South Korean Government to immediately release the mayor Kim Jitae and the other activists, who carried out peace demonstrations against the expansion plan of the Pyeongtaek US military base.  Kim Jitae and these activists were unjustly arrested by the riot police.  

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