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From the Blue House to Daechuri: March for Peace

From the Blue House to Daechuri: March for Peace

Beginning on July 5th, anti-war and human rights activists will march from the Blue House (Korea's Presidential Residence) to Daechuri, in Pyeongtaek, the site of the U.S. military's Camp Humphreys.

The 285 li (a li is a traditional Korean measure of distance) march will protest the Korean and American governments' expropriation of the 2,850,000 pyong (1 pyong = 3.3 meters squared) of land currently belonging to the farmers of Daechuri and Doduri.

On July 5th, the march will begin with a press conference at 10am at the Blue House and will then pass through Gwanghwamun, move on to Seoul Station, and will pass Yongsan Garrison, the U.S. military's headquarters on the peninsula. There will be a performance in front of the Korean Ministry of National Defense at 1pm. The march will then cross Seoul's Dongjak Bridge and will hold a 7pm candlelight vigil at Sadang Station. The day's march will then continue to Gwacheon where the marchers will rest for the evening.

On July 6th, the march will resume with a 10am rally in front of the Government Complex at Gwacheon. The march will then continue to Anyang Prison and the Keyonggi-Do police Headquarters. A 7pm candlelight vigil will be held at Suwon Station.

On July 7th, the march will begin at 10am in front of Suwon Airbase. The route will pass Byeongjeom Station and Osan College Station before holding a 7pm candlelight vigil at Osan Airbase (located in Songtan). The marchers will sleep outside the main gate of Osan Airbase.

On July 8th, the march will resume at 10am from Osan Airbase and will continue to the Pyeongtaek City Council Building. A 1pm rally will be held at the Pyeongtaek jail, where Kim Jitae and others are being held. This will be followed by a 7pm candlelight vigil at Pyeongtaek Station. The marchers will then continue on to Daechuri village.

July 9th, a general demonstration will be held in Daechuri.

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