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Daechuri peace marchers arrive to Seoul
A group of activists who lived for up to two years in Daechuri and Doduri left their homes on April 9th, with ...
"When You Grow Up, You Must Take the Vil...   2007.04.18
Ceremony for Daechuri's Last Days. On 7 April 2007, a ceremony was held to mark the conclusion of the Daech...
Daechuri Activists March to Seoul
Activists who have made Daechuri and Doduri their homes set out this Monday on a Peace March from Daechuri to ...
Daechuri is being destroyed. Daechuri li... 2007.04.09
Last candlelight vigil in Daechuri 2007.03.27

Transformation of the U.S. Military Strategy After 9.11
The U.S. accepts "military strategy 1-4-2-1" as a new strategem in the 21st century in response to changes in the world security environment.

Present condition of USFK grant lands
There are approximately 100 US bases (including training fields and other military facilities) occupying 60,447 acres in ROK.

Cracking down the resident community and their rights to survive by enlarging the US bases
Due to the new enlargement plan, about 523 acres of Seotan area in Pyeongtaek (near the air base), 2328 acres of Paengseong area (near the army base), will be included to the new bases


copylefted by Korea Coalition against U.S. base expantion in Pyeongtaek