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If you wish for peace protect Dachuri - “The Fields Weep in Silence” Fall Event-

-“The Fields Weep in Silence” Fall Event-

If you wish for peace protect Dachuri: 30-day Street Arts Festival put together by the Residents of Pyongtaek, Dachuri, Doduri and 1000 Artists.

1. Significance
In 2003 a group of cultural workers and artists came together to form “Plain People Arts Collective” an arts organization dedicated to stopping the American base expansion in Pyongtaek and protecting Dachuri and Doduri residents’ right to housing.  Since then “Plain People” has carried out many diverse arts protects towards these goals.

Past projects, conducted with other supporting artist include: village festivals in 2004 and 2005, an on the spot art festival held for 12 weeks from February to April 2006 (Spring also comes to Stolen Fields), an arts exhibit in the Nonghyup barn in Dachuri (the Mountains and Rivers of Our Homeland) beginning in July 2006, the cultural festival “Pyongtaek, the Fields Weep in Silence” in June and July of 2006 and others.

Despite these efforts and the protest of Dachuri and Doduri residents, the government proceeded with the forced eviction and demolition of houses on Sept. 9th.  

Angered by this action, 1000 artist have come together with residents to hold a 30 day cultural and arts festival (If you want Peace, Protect Dachuri) to stop the base expansion and protect peace and human rights.

2. Event Summary
Sponsoring Organizations: Alliance of Artist Organizations to Stop the U.S. Military Base Expansion and the Destruction of Art Work in Dachuri, Dachuri Residents Committee
Managing Organization: Plain People Art Collective

Title: “If you wish for Peace Protect Dachuri” street art festival put together by the residents of Dachuri, Doduri and 1000 artists.

Dates: Friday, October 10th- Saturday, November 11th
Location: Jongro 2 Ga, in front of Poshingak
Street Performance: Everyday beginning at 7:00pm
Street Exhibit: Everyday 3:00pm-8:00pm
Press Conference: October 12 11:00am, In front of Poshingak
Opening Event: October 13 7:00pm
Closing Event: November 11 7:00pm

3. Event Themes and Goals
- To inform the general public about the injustice and human rights abuse involved in the Pyongtaek military base expansion, beginning with the forced eviction.
- To hold public performances in which many people can participate.
- To create a base and center of participation for sympathetic individuals and organizations, which is easily accessible.

4. Content
- Street Performance: Diverse cultural and arts performances that last from 1 to 1:30 hours each day: songs, dance, literature, traditional drumming, traditional music, folks songs, percussion, traditional art, etc.

- Street Exhibit: Paintings, photography, calligraphy, etc.
Participating artists: Yungbok Ryu (woodprint), Yoonyup Lee (woodprint), Sungsoo Kim (painting), Soontaek Yoo (photography), etc.
-Meeting with Dachuri and Doduri Residents: Presentations on the spot by residents, video images of residents, portraits of residents by artists, etc.

- Participating Artists as of October 11th 11:00am
-Music: Taechun Jung, Eunok Park, Ingwun Jun, Bongju Song, Our Country, Gotdaji, People Searching for Songs, Soritarae, Good Friends, New Hope, Song Factory, Ji-In Chun, Sung Hwan Park and Band, Beautiful Youth, Exciting World, Gisang Su, Meejin Yoon, Joon Park, Yungsuk Yun, Jichong Oh, Byunghee Son, Jisang Lee, etc.
-Dance: Thursday 1:00pm, Samhun Lee, Jongjin Lee (traditional dance), Gweyung Ja (traditional dance), etc.

-Movie Screening: Korea Independent Film Association, “Night”, etc.

-Drumming: ritual sequence, Our Yard, Prayer Pole, Painting, Our Sound Research Group, etc.

-Art: People’s Art Coalition, Painting Factory, Stoke, Yunbok Ryu, Yoonyup Lee, Sungsoo Kim, etc.

-Cartoons: Our Cartoon Alliance, Workers Cartoon Network, Plain Flower, etc.

-Photography: Soonta ek Noh, etc.

-Cutural Sonsaesillia, Yoongyu Lee, Sunwoo Kim, Hoogi Park, Suchan Su, Yongju Yoo, Sanghak Ahn, Youngjoo Lee, Hoehyang Ryu, Dongman Moon, Hyuklim Shin, Jonghawn Doh, etc.

-Traditional Art and Culture: Jaesuk Byun (ceremony), Sungchun Ji, Youngho Kim, Youngman Jo (Kyuungki Folk Song), etc.

-Calligraphy: People’s Solidarity for Calligraphy, Taekmyung Yuh, Changwoong Im, etc.

-Other: Hwanghoe (magic). Eunmi Kang (mc), etc.

5. Friday, October 13- Thursday, October 19: Weeklong Program Introduction
1) Friday, October 13: Street Poetry, Songs for Peace
Singers Taechoon Jung, Eunok Park, Song Factory
Poetry/Reading: Sin Nang Song, People’s Writers Committee: Sonsaesilia, Wongyu Lee
Dance: Eunju Park

2) Saturday, October 14 Program: Film Screeing and Song Night
Singer Byunghwe Son, Song Factory
Screening of “Night” a film related to Pyongta다

3) Sunday, October 15 Program- Dance and Performance Art Nigh
Traditional Dance Performance, Drumming, Student Dance Groupt

4) Monday, October 16 Program- Performance and Drumming Night
Korean Performance: “Dutpaegi”, Nanta, Traditional Drumming

5) Tuesday October 17th- Traditional Arts Night
Traditional Material Arts, Ceremony, Ritual, etc.

6). Wednesday, October 18 Program- Boshingak Concert
Performance by “Our Country” singing group and Hope of song “Gotdaji”

7) Thursday, October 19 Program- Boshingak Concert
Performances by Jisang Lee, Ingwon Jun

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