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To the Korean consulate, citizen in the USA

May 05, 2006

Korean Consulate General in Boston
One Gateway Center, Suite 251.
300 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458

To the Korean Consulate,

I am a U.S. citizen and resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Earlier today, I learned that thousands of Korean troops and 12,000 riot police have attacked farmers in Daechuri, Korea. I am attaching a photo of an injured person, injured apparently in this assault, who looks to be seriously burned. In fact his arm is black. This is surely a level of force beyond a police action.

Amnesty International reports that "The sheer numbers of injured demand an independent investigation into the policing of these forced evictions and demonstrations. The authorities must release all those who have been arrested simply for peaceful protesting. We are deeply concerned at the forced eviction of these elderly farmers -- under the current terms it leaves them financially very vulnerable, with few opportunities to make a living. We urge the government to carry out a fresh consultation, allowing them adequate compensation."

I understand from former CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, whose book "The Sorrows of Empire" describes the 750 (DOD acknowledged) American bases around the world, that these American bases are extremely unpopular in Korea.

I want to support the wonderful people of Korea. I do not support attacks on their persons or property, especially at the behest of the U.S. Government. I do not support a vast number of American bases in Korea. I think the Korean people should decide what sort of military relationship they should have with the United States, and with North Korea. It is surely a tragedy that in some senses, the Korean War has continued for decades, and that political events have not improved more between the two Koreas. That situation could surely be improved by removing American bases and opening a formal dialogue between north and south. Expanding yet another base will not resolve this "long emergency."

I urge you to seek a serious solution to this issue, and to allow the Korean people to decide the disposition of their lands. I also ask you to intercede on their behalf.

Yours, Chris Scarpino

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