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just a little bit of the words of solidarity we've gotten over at saveptfarmers

just a few of the notes and e-mails we've gotten in support of 대추리
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Scott Larson  
Organization :    
Location :   Orlando, FL  
Comments :   Say no to foreign occupations everywhere! US Out of S. Korea Now!  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   SICHEZ Yves  
Organization :   tradeunionist in telecom company  
Location :   Brest  
Comments :   I support your struggle against an army project and especially an imperialist army project. I support your stuggle to be able to decide what you want in your village: it is a struggle for true democracy.  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Chen Lie  
Organization :    
Location :   South Korea  
Comments :   Peace  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Samuel Klepfer  
Organization :    
Location :   Verona, WI  
Comments :   Stop the imperalist expansion of US Troops in the Daechuri area. This is inhumane and must be brought to an end soon.  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Andrew Coffey  
Organization :   Plea For Peace  
Location :   Perth, Scotland  
Comments :   US oppression must be opposed, keep resisting!  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Schollaert  
Organization :    
Location :   Brussels  
Comments :   Stop the U.S camp in this village, please!  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Gwyneth Price  
Organization :   -  
Location :   Strasbourg, France  
Comments :    
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Taron Gilles  
Organization :   Le Poussin Vert  
Location :   France  
Comments :   Keep fighting against opression...  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Forveil Thomas  
Organization :   Philantropy  
Location :   France  
Comments :    
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Farah Fayed  
Organization :   -  
Location :   Beirut  
Comments :    

Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   GASSIN philippe  
Organization :    
Location :   montpellier. France  
Comments :   Quelquesoit le continent, lavidit챕 et lignominie connaissent leurs derniers jours...cest parce quils sont perdus que les dirigeants de la planete perdent la t챗te...courage...  
Name (Full name please for legitimacy) :   Carl Desjardins  
Organization :    
Location :   Canada  
Comments :   Chasser des fermiers pour installer une base militaire, cest dun ridicule... on voit les priorit? de nos chers gouvernements. Allez, l?hez pas et bon courage !  
Name :   Emilio Zamudio Murillo  
Organization :   Arteros  
Location :   M?ico  
Comments :    
Name :   Sean Scullion  
Organization :  
Location :   London  
Comments :   US Bases out!  
Name :   Dino Mazzulla  
Organization :    
Location :   Niagara Falls Canada  
Comments :    
Name :   Ken Kowalski  
Organization :    
Location :   Richmond BC  
Comments :    
Name :   Morgan  
Organization :    
Location :   Palaiseau, France  
Name :   Amalia Vidas  
Organization :    
Location :   Phoenix, Arizona United States  
Comments :   In solidarity with the farmers of Pyeongtaek and the people of the Peace Village at Daechuri: No to the expansion of military bases in South Korea. No to the theft of the peoples land. Yes to people power, peace, and justice: long may they live.  
Name :   HEBRARD  
Organization :    
Location :   CAHORS  
Comments :   STOP NOW  
Name :   DERUDDER  
Organization :   Formateur  
Location :   CAHORS - FRANCE  
Comments :   What would you say if it was your home, your life? There is certainely somewhere else to go without enoying people.  

Name :   Joss Smithson  
Organization :    
Location :   UK  
Comments :   bring peace  
Name :   Gilboux Fran?ise  
Organization :    
Location :   Belgium  
Comments :   Where will our children live if we destroy all on the Earth?  
Name :   Kenneth Eby  
Organization :   n/a  
Location :   USA  
Comments :    
Name :   brianna  
Organization :   none  
Location :   san marcos, california  
Comments :   Stop this now.  
Name :   Sylvain Rouillon  
Organization :   Soci??Anonyme  
Location :   France  
Comments :   Let them in peace !  
Name :   Sarah Hyun-mi MOESCH  
Organization :    
Location :   France  
Comments :    
Name :   journet  
Organization :   universitaire , FRANCE  
Location :   FRANCE  
Comments :   please , send yours bombs , on march SATURN LEAVE PEACE ON EARTH CIA, CHENEY, RUMSFELD are the MOST CRIMINAL, we never see  
Name :   Diego Fernandez Gonzalez  
Organization :    
Location :   Vigo, Spain  
Comments :    
Name :   David Strano  
Organization :    
Location :   Lawrence, KS  
Comments :    
Name :   Oto Ricardo Alves da Silva  
Organization :   Humanist Movement Council 136  
Location :   S? Paulo - Brazil  
Comments :   Force, Peace and Joy!  

Name :   Durand  
Organization :    
Location :   France  
Comments :   US go home!  
Name :   Mike Craig  
Organization :   [dis]claimer  
Location :   denver  
Comments :    
Name :   Antoine Jorand  
Organization :    
Location :   Bordeaux, France  
Comments :    
Name :   Bennie Kane  
Organization :    
Location :   St. Louis, Mo.  
Comments :   No amount of justification can make a wrong thing right. You have a responsibilty to yourself and I pray you honor it.  
Name :   Michele Mengucci  
Organization :   CVRM-IST  
Location :   Lisboa  
Comments :   Have faith in yourselves and pray top overcome those horrible forces. It is a hard struggle everywhere in the world, I hope all the best to you. Mick  
Name :   Simon Sedillo  
Organization :   Austin Indymedia  
Location :   Austin, Texas  
Comments :   People should sign their full names on this. First names or nicknames will be discarded. thanks  
Name :   Angela Ettema  
Organization :    
Location :   Amsterdam  
Comments :    
Name :   Johnny Mercury  
Organization :    
Location :   Pittsburgh, PA  
Comments :    
Name :   Jose Rivera  
Organization :   Workers World Party  
Location :   New York City, USA  
Comments :   We support all struggles against imperialism, colonization and oppression. Please strategize and orgainze.  
Name :   Rebeca Grande  
Organization :    
Location :   South Africa  
Comments :    

Name :   Can  
Organization :    
Location :   Turkey  
Comments :   We are watching! US out!  
Name :   Nils-Johan Gynther  
Organization :    
Location :   Sweden  
Comments :   Stop the insanety  
Name :   maria  
Organization :   tematrilia  
Location :   london  
Comments :   please let the corean people live in peace, take your bases back to america and play war there, the corean people do not want more american bases . Go back to america and sort out your real problems at home.  
Name :   MAgnus Jacobsen  
Organization :    
Location :    
Comments :    
Name :   John  
Organization :   IMC  
Location :   Malta  
Comments :    
Name :   andrew green  
Organization :    
Location :   San Francisco, California  
Comments :   Please stop stealing these peoples land. Liberty and justice for all means everyone in the world . We the people of the united states are so fortuinate but so many of us dont recognize our good fortune and when this lack of good fortune comes from our ow  
Name :   keith and kathy norris  
Organization :   people for peace  
Location :   jacksonville, FL  
Comments :   Leave these people in peace and let them have their land for creating, not decimating the land for war and destruction. thank you keith and kathy  
Name :   Laura Lindley  
Organization :    
Location :   Los Angeles, California, USA  
Comments :   US Troops out of Korea!  
Name :   Joan Loomis-Norris  
Organization :    
Location :   Yellow Springs, Ohio  
Comments :    
Name :   Christina Moon  
Organization :   GESO, Yale University  
Location :   New Haven, CT, USA  
Comments :    
In solidarity with the farmers of Pyeongtaek
and the people of the Peace Village of Daechuri:

No to the expansion of military bases in South Korea.
No to the theft of the people's land.

Yes to people power, peace, and justice:
long may they live.


I wish I could do more, but it seems all I can do is offer my support for the people resisting the imperialist actions of the United States. Believe in your rights and do all you can to protect them!
Love your friend in Canada
The continued expansion of U.S. bases in South Korea is an abomination to be condemned by all right minded people. I had the pleasure of visiting South Korea in the late 1980’s and had many opportunities to see the rural farmlands in peril now. The people I met were friendly and spirited, even with the imperialist U.S. forces only a short distance away. There were nightly drunken incidents in this area from undisciplined U.S. soldiers, many as young as 17. Most of the farmers thought that over time there would be a complete withdrawal of foreign forces from their country. They have been proved to be sadly mistaken.

In Solidarity,
Your fight is our fight. You are offering millions of people the hope that one day we won't have to live in a system where people are attacked in their community for a larger power to be appeased. One day, we won't.

-Pittsburgh Anti-Racist Action

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Best Wishes and solidarity from a number of us here in London!

US Bases out!!
I support the right of the community of Daechuri to exist. Planned
expansions are a wretched excuse for claiming immanent domain. These
expansions are particularly onerous in that they are of a foreign
and directly threaten a traditional village. This makes for a very poor
image indeed. Tsk. Tsk
St. Paul Minnesota
To whom it may concern,

I am a Canadian living in Naju County, Jeollanamdo and I have just read an account by the of what's going on in Pyeongtaek and watched the video " my homeland".

I'm horrified by the behavior of the American government and of the Korean MND. It seem like it is the plight of farmers all over the world to constantly be at battle with their governments-- the so called "stewards of land". Land that they have never set foot on, never harvested or cared for. It's unthinkable that they should direct this kind of aggression at farmers when their very lives depend on the work of these people.

I was hearten by the strength and heart of the people involved in resisting this brutality for such a length of time. I salute you in your efforts.

What can I do, if anything, to help ?

Stay strong.

Hi --
I'm an English teacher working in Seoul.

I want to help you in DaeChuri.
What can i do?

I know a few students who can translate Korean and

People of Daechuri:

I am American, born in California, and I wish to express my deepest sympathy for your plight. I am unfamiliar with you current situation, but understand the US millitary is siezing your land in order to expand a base. I cannot begin to express how I feel at this very moment, that people are being removed from their HOMES, in my name. I want you to know (whoever is reading this) that there are others like me, who are afraid of where America is heading.

You must understand that we are living in a special time, and this land is being divided. Our battles must first take place at home if we are ever to stop what is happening around the world. Also, I cannot stress this enough, that the American people are AFRAID. We read the news about all these bad things being reported, and it only serves to further isolate and polarize the situation.

If I asked my fellow countrymen about expanding a millitary base in South Korea, they may have quite a different reaction. You see, as I was taught in school, we fought in the Korean war, which was never resolved. Your land has been divided, and there is a country, NORTH KOREA which is increadiblly scary to Americans. SO expanding a base might seem logical from a person sitting behind a desk in Washington D.C.

I can only ask that you retain forgiveness in your heart for the things that are happening right now, because they are beyond any one body's control. Stopping N.K. is priority number one, and after that is over, I must hope that you will be well. Please, do not be angry, for that accomplishes nothing. SOLIDARITY must be upheld, and I hope you will sustain.

Violence is wrong, and must be avoided at all costs. Do whatever you can to be who you are as a people, and know that there are many people out there who carry you in thier thoughts.

I hope I can do more, so if there is anything you can ask of me please do so, I am able to answer any query you have.

as for your request:
"The community is asking for individuals or organization to protect their land by sponsoring one pyong (1 square yard) of rice field in order to raise money to sustain the village"

I would be interested to know more information about sponsoring a rice field.

Keep HOpe alive
(this individual sent 50 USD and we put it into the donations box at the tea house, by the way)

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