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there are also 235 signatures and notes on the petition

Daechuri, Doduri - People from Colombia, to South Africa, to Poland have heard of your story. They stand in solidarity with you. Your story has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, German, Portugese... so many languages. And so many people in the US also agree that the US military should not do this. People are hearing you. You are not alone.

you can view the petition online here

here are a few:

International Peace Observatory (IPO) From Colombia, where the fight against US imperialism continues, we extend our solidarity to the campesinos of Daechuri. Everywhere, the people are resisting... thank you for your inspiration

Guillermo Solidarity from Basque Country

Suwako Nagata Please receive our solidarity from Japan!! NEGAI (a Peace song made by Hiroshima students) Connection Project Coordinator

Shoji Sawada Construction of new military bases in Philippine and Japan make more dangerous their own countries as well as world.

Jennifer Choi Please...let them stay. How much more barbaric must America be?

Barney Richards New Zealand Peace Council demands all US bases be removed from the Asia-Pacific region! Solidarity with the farmers of Daechuri!

Debbie Quinata GUAM- Nasion Chamoru in Solidarity with SPARK & farmers.  


Neil J Berman US citizens must demand the US get out of Korea

Sandor Park What will we eat-bombs?!

Melanie Taylor Leave Daechuri in peace! No good can come from destroying their community, but so much can come from supporting them!

jerome This is a travesty. The U.S. has no right to lecture about human rights when we do stuff like this!

Petros Markopoulos Hold on as much as you can guys. Don' t loose hope...

Jennifer Ammerman As a citizen of the USA and having family in South Korea, including a farming grandmother, this is a very important event that should be solved immediately for the well-being of these people.

Benjamin Kahrl Please do not act like imperialists and steal poor Korean farmers' land

Kate P Leave these people alone! Our military invades enough countries (Iraq, anyone?)... leave the world domination to someone else!

Robert Levin Stop the US military from taking over the world  

Jeffrey Watson From the USA, it disturbs me that this is being done in my name

and there is so much more...

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  there are also 235 signatures and notes on the petition   
saveptfarmers  06-05-26 663
  just a little bit of the words of solidarity we've gotten over at saveptfarmers   
saveptfarmers  06-05-26 1298
  June 4th International Day of Solidarity with the Daechuri and Doduri Villagers   
savePTfarmers  06-05-25 599
  Letters from the Kimjitae..   
Sera  06-05-19 599
  To the Korean consulate, citizen in the USA   
Sera  06-05-17 572
  May 9, 2006 by - rean Farmers Say No to Giant US Base   
Sera  06-05-17 639
  Base realignment in Korea spurs protest/The Christian Science Monitor   
Sera  06-05-17 572
  International Herald Tribune (5월5일 자) 기사   
Sera  06-05-17 572
  solidarity from the citizen in the USA   
Sera  06-05-17 552
  a picture of our campaign in Kwanghwamun, Seoul taken on May 7   
dope  06-05-13 586
  what is this base expansion really about?   
solidaridad  06-05-12 594
  The fisrt report on the State violence and human rights violation in Pyeongtaek (in korean lnaguage)   
dope  06-05-10 593
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