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Sera   pm.10:17, Thursday ( 1128hit )
Pyungtaek District Court Issued a Warrant for Jitae Kim's Confinement

Pyungtaek District Court Issued a Warrant for Jitae Kim's Confinement

A Statement by Pan S.Korea Solution Committee against US Base Extension in PT

On June 7th (yesterday), there was a substantial warrant review for the arrest of Jitae Kim, the Chairman of Paengsung Countermeasurement Committee. It lasted over 2 hours from 2:00 pm. Mr. Kim spoke straight from his conviction. Via his attorney, Mr. Kim mentioned to the court how unfair, indemocratic and even dangerous the project of the US base expansion is.

Mr Kim's family attended the warrant review. His mother dropped heartbreaking tears in the end. As usual, the chairman of the committe left the court in state. He nodded, smiling at those waiting for him outside.

Residents demanded in the meeting with the police at 3 pm this afternoon that they  release Mr. Kim and stop measuring the land. To our surprise, the police confined him in jail right after the meeting. We cannot but doubt they have the will to have a conversation with us.

Father, Jeonghyeon Mun began to fast and one activist in prison also started to be on a hunger strike to support him.

We will not step back even though Mr. Kim was put in jail. The Paengsung residents and activists will never retreat in battle. The day will come that those in power and the police will regret what they did. History will judge. Let us fight to the last.

--Stop the plan to expand the US base immediately! It will put in danger the peace     of the Korean Peninsula!
--We blame the government for its hypocricy: pretending to have conversation         before our eyes, and striking from back!
--The Minister of National Defense, exterminating residents, must be displaced        from his position!
--The government must release the detainees from jail immediately and apologize     to people!
--Let us fight to the last and Check the US base expansion!

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