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Von   am.1:27, Wednesday ( 552hit )
Call for International Support in Daechuri

June 18th 2006
Peace Action
2pm in Daechuri
(Location subject to change.  An update will follow.)

June 30th 2006
Government's planned date to begin demolishing empty homes in the villages.  The government has signed contracts for "hired civilian workers" who are known to be plain clothes ex-military strikebreakers.
A campaign to find peace observers to protect homes has begun.
To become a peace observer, contact

October 30th 2006
Government's planned date for forced evictions of all residents.
Peace observers and village defenders are needed to be living in the villages before this time.

On going
Farming trips are being organized to teach any willing participant anything they would like to know about farming.  To set up a trip with an English interpreter, contact

A foriegner's house is being organized to facilitate visits for foriegn journalists interested in learning about Daechuri and the surrounding area's struggle, and to accomidate foriegners for as long as they wish to stay.
For more information, contact

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