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Major Demonstration Revitalizes Anti-Base Movement

On Sunday, June 18th, 2006 approximately 5,000 people from around Korea marched in Pyeongtaek toward Daechuri and Doduri, vocalizing their opposition to the expansion of the American base there. Approximately 200 supporters were inside the village, and managed to march from Daechuri to Doduri and back to Daechuri, despite heavy police opposition. College students in inflatable rafts sailed out onto the river between the main area of Pyeongtaek and the villages, apparently to hold a demonstration on the water. They then crossed the river and into the village as the police stood by, helpless, and very much otherwise occupied with the 5,000 marchers who were all marching on the villages from various parts of the area. It is reported that the Korean national police force mustered for the day numbered some 11,000 men. There are no reports of violence or serious injuries. Many have reported that the days' action has reinvigorated the movement to save the farming villages, which was dealt a major blow on May 4th, with the destruction of the Daechuri primary school and the laying of Concertina razor wire around the villages. Many villagers also expressed their renewed hope that they will, indeed be able to keep their homes.

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