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Von   am.1:15, Monday ( 515hit )
16 Supporters Join Hunger Strikes for Release of Kim Ji-Tae

Father Mun, a leader of the KCPT, the umbrella organization working in solidarity with the communities of Daechuri and Doduri to resist US Base expansion, continues to hunger strike in front of the Blue House, now with the support of 2 free activists, and 15 activists who remain in police custody from actions on March 15th, April 7th, May 4th and May 5th.  Father Mun stated, "  The reason why I started [this] hunger strike is to follow our chairperson [to give support in his suffering] and to ask our government to be honest."
        All began their hunger strikes to demand the release of Daechuri villiage headman, Kim Ji-tae.  Kim Ji-tae surrendered himself as a condition for resumed talks between the residents of Daechuri and Doduri and the Korean government. It was understood that he would not be arrested or held, only interrogated.  However, on June 6th, it was announced that Kim Ji-tae would not be released.  Residents withdrew from talks with the government and held a protest at the Pyeongtaek police station.  Solidarity vigils are held throughout Korea and in Gwanghwamun in central Seoul nightly at 7pm.  
        After being denied bail at a review hearing on June 7th, Kim Ji-tae continues to be held in prision while awaiting trial on alleged illegal protest activities.

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